$200 a song

Tracked, Mixed, Mastered, and any instrumentation by me you need.

Here at Crooked Teeth studios, you will get all the amazing technology that I can buy. Microphones! Computers! Old dusty instruments! A refrigerator for chilling food! Put them all together and you can get fun, fun, fun!


I'm going to be honest, I don't have a 64 channel Neve consul, a fancy box to introduce the signal to the digital world, a closet full of $2,000 microphones, 10 Gibson Les Pauls, a room quiet enough to hear your blood pump, and 2 stories of out board effects gear. But maybe you don't need that. I have 2 great sounding rooms, two good ears, some instruments and you. If you're decent, I can make your songs sound great, and for a ton less than most other studios.


Also, I am another local musician and not just some kid who will press record while you struggle away. I have performed most places in town, as well as toured, and played parties for many fanciful folks. I am first and foremost a drummer, but can also add organ, guitar, backing vocals, and maybe even a clap to your tunes free of charge (limit 3,000 claps per customer). 



I have spoken to a lot of musicians and time and time again I hear one of three stories;

          "We payed all our money and got an amazing record! Now we just need to decide who's first born is going to work in the mill..." That's great. Good money gets a great record and if you can afford it, do it!

            "We tried saving money by doing it ourselves... Its really hard... and it's not sounds like I want it to..." Yeah that was all of us when we first started. If you come to my studio, I'll help you learn what I do but also get you a great record for the same price as the gear you were going to buy to record it yourself!

            Or the most heart wrenching; "We went to a really nice studio and they said they could keep it cheap. Well, he kept it cheap but we hate it..." That's unfortunately another reality. When studios have thousands of dollars of gear, just turning that gear on and paying rent means they can't spend a lot of time with you. It's not because their dicks, they just can't. Here at Crooked Teeth studios, I got all the time in the world. I have kept my costs and over head down and together, we can make some great sounding music. 


I hope you will consider using Crooked Teeth studios to track your next Album, EP, Christmas jingle, or awkward love song. 



(on behalf of me, and my Mom who wants to me to have a real job.)