Your Meteor @ Urban Lounge

On January 16th, The Urban Lounge hosted a pretty solid line up and, if it were to sum up the Salt Lake music scene in one show, this might be it. Starting with the Folk stylings of Bird in the Tree, then psychedelic blues band Crook and the Bluff. After that, Jack White rock of The Weekenders and finally, Your Meteor.

Unfortunately I missed the opener Bird in the Tree but having seen them before, I know they put on a solid but relaxed show. They've been slowly working their way up for a good year now and starting to show up on bills all around town.

Crook and the Bluff, once a 2 piece, blew me away with a grittier and sexier sound than I had heard previously. The addition of the drummer adds so much and to be honest, was one of the best performances of a solid back beat I have seen in awhile. No annoying stick flips and hard hitting destructive fills here. Just fat, punishing drums backing up nasty guitar solos.

The Weekenders took the stage next and although they don't frequent the stage often, they are all clearly musicians with years of experience behind them and put on some great toe tapping blues rock. Jack White all the way, but I didn't mind.

Finally, Your Meteor got up and didn't miss a beat. In  between being handed different guitars left and right, switching vocalists, and great keyboard and drums, they played perfectly. Their tunes are hard to nail live, and some of the chords they were playing on guitar were definitely not bar chords. But it was all on point. Of course, I can't expect much less from some of Salt Lakes most seasoned musicians. They, like The Weekenders,  have also been a little quiet at times in their 4 or so year history and I hope they don't keep quiet for much longer. 

Show Review: January 2nd @ Kilby Court

On January 2nd, I attended Scott Rogers, Timmy the Teeth, and Grizzly Goat at Kilby Court. For a mostly acoustic and roots music showcase, it was well attended. Grizzly Goat had previously decorated the stage with a giant American Flag and an assortment of Mandolins, Banjos, and Guitars. 

First up was Scott Rogers, whose performance was solid. It was clear he had been playing guitar for years and his guitar and vocal work were soothing and entertaining. It's surprisingly difficult to play acoustic guitar and sing effortlessly but he did it with ease. He is not just another adorable teen trying to be he next Jack Johnson. Just a guy, a little older, and taking after James Taylor and Neil Young.

Next was Timmy the Teeth. Now I am a little biased as I own his newest album and have seen him play before but I have to say that he was great. Once again, when it's just you and a guitar it is hard to keep an audience's attention, but he for sure did. He found a way to mix self deprecation, honesty, and humor in a way that actually benefited him. I have seen great musicians and bad musicians complain or apologize for being off and it usually makes me sick, but he did it wonderfully.  His ad-libbing was very entertaining, as was his music.

Finally, Grizzly Goat got up and compelled Kilby Court's stage to have to loosen a button or two to fit them all. They crammed up there to play their fast banjo picking songs and slow country ballads, as well as some great simple songs. But of course, nothing gets a crowd moving more than a Banjo at 90 miles per hour and a harmonica solo in the crowd. They clearly have played many shows and have some set things they do to get the crowd into it every time they play. The only issue I felt was that the drums, Banjo, and Mandolins seemed to compete in the mix making it hard to hear everything going on.