grown on the streets of Salt Lake City.

    "Columbia Jones is an enigma." begins a news article on this well traveled country and blues singer and its not far off. A small town boy from Maine growing up, Columbia found himself in Salt Lake City in 2016 bandless and poor. But that was when it all began. 
    He started playing street corners and singing loud blues inspired songs with a bass drum, foot tambourine, guitar and harmonicas. Next he added 2 members, guitar and bass, and started playing in bars for hours. Hitting the road in the summer of 2017 he clocked over 65 shows in 8 different states and one Canadien province all booked by himself. Included in there was a trip paid for soling by street performing out to the Americana Fest in Nashville, TN. Fresh off that he hit the same cities as he did in the summer to start building an audience.
    Columbia Jones is a true blue collar musician with no handouts, no free rides and a work ethic that doesn't die. Added in their is a powerful singing voice and songs about his family, his love of music, and the hard times of doing it all on your own. He may not be the country singer who can ride a horse, but he sure works like one.  

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Where to see him next:

Stockman's Bar

January 20th

Layton, UT

9pm to 1am


About me


I'm just a guy who had no friends, sucks at football (even though I love it) and decided the only thing left for me to do was sing songs to poor saps in bars. I'd like to think I've gotten pretty good at it, but you'll have to see. Tell me what you think next time you see my mug singing on a stage, floor, or street corner near you.

Other Upcoming Gigs


  • *BlackJacks Bar, Spanish Fork December 29th, 9pm-1am $5
  • *Poplar Pub, SLC Utah     January 5th 10pm-1am
  • Midvale Arts Center, Midvale January 10th 7-9pm
  • Even Stevens, Draper UT January 13th, Noon to 2
  • Even Stevens, Sugarhouse UT January 19th 6-8pm
  • *Stockman's Bar, Layton UT January 20th 9pm-1am
  • Zest Kitchen's Local Flavor W/Michelle Moonshine    January 23rd 7-9pm
  • Even Steven's Cottonwood Heights January 26th 6-8pm
  • Even Steven's, SLC UT February 9th 6-8pm
  • Even Steven's, Cottonwood Heights February 15th 6-8pm
  • Donkey Tails Cantina, Draper February 22nd 9pm-midnight
  • Even Steven's, Sugarhouse UT February 24th 6-8pm
  • Poplar Pub, SLC UT           March 2nd 10-1am
  • Piper Down Pub, South SLC UT March 23rd 9pm-midnight
  • Poplar Pub, SLC UT              April 6th 10pm to 1am
  • 1st National Bar, Pocatello ID April 13th 10pm to 1am
  • The Reef, Boise ID                April 14th, 10pm-1am

* Denotes show with the trio

"I'm impressed with how much energy just came out of you!"

Shannalee Otanez


"Columbia Jones is an enigma."

KSL reporter

"Blue Collar Blues is an authoritative EP by local musician and producer Columbia Jones."

Lizz Corrigan, SLUG mag

States I've performed





New Hampshire


Alberta CAN