Jazz, Country, Progressive Rock, Alternative, Broadway

Long before I started recording music, gigging on guitar, and moved out of my parents basement, I was a drummer. Getting a drum set at 14, it was my first taste of my love for music. For years I played Trumpet and Baritone Horn in High school but this instrument sparked my interest. Fast forward to 16 when I was introduced to Dream Theater and it was love at first sight. I was playing Alternative Rock and was thirsting for something more from the drums. I knew I wasn't any good but the simple song structures just seemed too easy. Putting on Dream Theater's Awake though changed everything for me. I realized that creative drums can change everything, and that is what I believe to this day. 

As a drummer in my (or any) studio, you will get a passionate musician willing to mold to what you need. However, I'm not afraid to re imagine things while honoring the groove when given the opportunity. I pride myself is thinking out side the box when asked to. I am 100% confident that I can nail any genre (except for maybe speed metal) that you need to me to do. Years of practicing has brought me to a point where I can say that with conviction. I also was privliedged to take lessons for talented local musicians Jay Tibbitts and Jay Lawrence. These are teachers that don't mess around and consistently play with some of Utah's finest musicians. Ask any musician who makes this his career and they will agree. 

Notable Gigs to Date


I always enjoy teaching people of all ages to play the instrument that I love. I truly believe you will become a better musician faster if you take lessons. Hit me up for a free a lesson and let's see if this works! After that, lessons are $15 for thrity minutes.

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  • You're a Good Man Charlie Brown: SLCC musical March 2014
  • Smiley's Schooner Saloon CA: Oldest bar west of the Mississippi
  • The State Room: Prestigous downtown SLC venue
  • Silver Dollar Bar, Jackson Wyoming: Prestigious dance hall in a tourist town
  • TV appearances on Fox 13 and PCTV
  • Quiet Morning and the Calamity: Touring Country Artist hired a full band for a one night engagement
  • The Cold Year: Session and Live drummer March 2016-September 2017
  • The Real Doug Lane: Live and Session drummer September 2016-Present Day
  • Drummer for June Brothers: May 2013 to September 2015